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Sunspel x Casely-Hayford

Modern Elegance Meets Timeless Tailoring With The Sunspel x Casely-Hayford Collection

A collection that brings a range of impeccably crafted pieces designed to seamlessly fit into your contemporary wardrobe.

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Sunspel, known for its dedication to everyday comfort, has joined forces with British tailoring brand Casely-Hayford to create the exclusive Sunspel x Casely-Hayford Collection that seamlessly blends comfort and style. This collaboration presents a second collection, expanding on the initial offering, with a focus on the timeless three-piece suit.

The new collection comprises five interchangeable pieces that pay homage to classic tailoring. Wide-leg trousers, a two-button blazer, and a boxy waistcoat harken back to the elegance of yesteryears. Adding layers to your ensemble are a cropped, raw-edge jacket and a chunky overcoat. Crafted from Sunspel’s signature wool jersey, these garments are designed to withstand winter’s chill while ensuring maximum comfort.

The Sunspel x Casely-Hayford Jacket, priced at $875, boasts a luxuriously soft Italian boiled wool jersey, exuding a refined finish with raw detailing. Its versatility and contemporary design make it the perfect winter jacket.

The Sunspel x Casely-Hayford Coat priced at $1,195, offers an oversized look with a lightweight feel. Crafted from Italian boiled wool, it features saddle shoulders, overarm seams, and a long vent at the back, making it the ultimate winter coat.

The Sunspel x Casely-Hayford Suit Jacket, available at $795, follows a contemporary cut, offering a relaxed silhouette with raw detailing. It’s part of a three-piece suit that seamlessly integrates into your wardrobe, matching perfectly with the vest and trousers.

Completing the collection are the Sunspel x Casely-Hayford Waistcoat, priced at $495, and the Sunspel x Casely-Hayford Trouser, priced at $450. Both pieces exude contemporary elegance and can be worn individually or as part of the three-piece suit.

In summary, Sunspel x Casely-Hayford Collection brings together comfort and classic tailoring, providing a versatile and stylish collection for the modern man’s wardrobe.

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