Stutterheim Trenchcoat

Stutterheim Private Designs A. Stutterheim Trenchcoat

Alexander Stutterheim is back with his second Private Designs release – a super-exclusive trench coat with a vibrant contrast.

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$ 715

Alexander Stutterheim isn’t just the founder of the renowned Swedish outerwear brand Stutterheim, he’s also its creative director. To explore his own personal apparel ideas, Mr. Stutterheim recently launched The Private Designs collection with his Norrviken Knitted Turtleneck. Now, he’s back with a second Private Designs release – a classically styled, knee-length trench coat called the A. Stutterheim Trench.

This trench coat features a protective shell of 100% dark black Italian cotton with a water-repellent resin coating. Its comfy lining of 35% cotton and 65% polyester peeks out around the neckline, provoking with a vibrant, contrasting red. For additional flair and functionality, the A. Stutterheim Trench includes a snug storm shield collar, an adjustable waist belt, two-way closure, dual capacious outer pockets, and a secure inner pocket for sensitive personal items.

This super-exclusive, hand-numbered item is currently limited to a production run of just 30 units.