Stutterheim Dog Raincoat

Stutterheim Dog Raincoat

The coats come in 5 different sizes to fit any breed. Each of the 5 colorways is adorned by a reflective strip for enhanced visibility.

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$ 60

Raincoats are at the core of Alexander Stutterheim’s eponymous brand. The Swedish designer has channeled his heritage to create a collection of rainwear that can keep you dry and looking stylish. Stutterheim’s hats, boots, and coats each also embody a minimalist approach to design that emphasizes functionality while shifting the aesthetic focus to the high-quality materials sourced to create each item. The latest addition to the Stutterheim label brings all of those elements to a coat made to suit man’s best friend.

The Stutterheim Dog Raincoat comes in 5 different sizes to accommodate different breeds. Whether you have a Swedish lapphund or a Golden Retriever, you can protect your pup from the rain with the same rubberized cotton as the Stutterheim Ostermalm Raincoat. You can even complement your dog’s fur by choosing between green, yellow, black, sand, and navy colorways. Each raincoat is also adorned by a reflective strip to provide extra visibility on walks in dreary weather.