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Storaxa Fully Customizable Home Cloud Storage

Storaxa Brings Creators’ Content Back Home

Home cloud storage solution cuts subscription costs.

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$ 239+

For most folks, the cloud works well enough: they choose their favorite monolithic technology conglomerate, fork over a nominal monthly fee, and rest easy knowing their Spongebob meme folder is backed up safely and (presumably) securely. But creators with heaps of content can quickly find themselves paying outrageous sums for sufficient storage space, burning cash that could be funding more studio time, equipment upgrades, or the occasional hot meal.

Enter Arrotrack’s Storaxa, a combination NAS (Network Attached Storage) and WiFi router currently open for backing on Kickstarter. Aspiring cloud admins can thumb their noses at corpos by backing the project for $239, thus saving a lifetime of cloud storage fees.

Storaxa includes a dual-band WiFi 6 router and four 2.5 Gbps ethernet ports for network connectivity so that owners can access and manage their cloud storage device anywhere. Owners can transfer data from existing hard drives with multiple USB-A and -C ports or use the built-in SD and microSD reader.

The small-ish unit (8” x 11” x 8”) allows for multiple RAID configurations: dead drives won’t bring users’ data down with them. However, Storaxa owners must bring their own hard drives to the party. Depending on how they configure their Storaxa, users will have access to over 100TB of cloud-ready storage. That’s 140 hours of RAW 8K video footage or 4 million RAW photos at 5616 x 3744 resolution. Should be plenty, right?

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