SPRYNG Muscle Recovery Device

These muscle recovery devices mimic your natural calf muscle contractions to improve blood circulation and relieve muscle pain.

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$ 119+

It’s no secret that ample blood circulation is absolutely essential to muscle recovery and general bodily tissue repair. Citing medical research that identifies inactive or fatigued calf muscles as notorious causes of poor circulation, the minds behind SPRYNG have developed a way to prevent blood from pooling in your feet and ankles, using active compression that mimics your natural calf muscle contractions.

Just strap these battery-powered devices to your calves, switch them on, and let the circulation improvement begin. They increase cellular oxygen supply to relieve aching muscles and improve athletic performance. Perfect for use at home, at the office, on the plane, or at the gym, these devices help naturally return blood upwards through your thighs towards the heart, upper extremities, and brain. When worn on both legs, they automatically synchronize with one another and your naturally-occurring muscle pumping and blood circulation.