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SOLO Smart Drone

This smart drone is easy enough even for novice drone users.

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Drones have made capturing breathtaking professional quality aerial images accessible to the masses; all you need is some open space and you can let your drone lose to capture the scenery like you’ve never seen before. From drones that can follow you around to ones that bring near professional quality images to the masses, there’s no shortage of excellent choices these days. The newest entry to the drone market is the SOLO Smart Drone, a drone perfect for beginners.

Self-described as the ‘most powerful and easiest drone to use on the market,’ the SOLO Smart Drone stands out for its well designed mobile app UI and controller. The app enables the user to see beautiful live views of the images the drone is capturing in real time, while presets like Cable Cam makes it possible for novice users to create amazingly cinematic shots that have that professional quality. The drone comes with two onboard computers that simplify complex features for the user, giving them the freedom to focus on the camera work without worrying about precisely controlling the drone. Even the controller’s game controller inspired design makes it intuitive for anyone to start shooting without much difficulty. For those that are used to working with GoPros, the fact that the team behind the SOLO worked closely with GoPro makes things even more attractive.

The SOLO Smart Drone’s simple all-in-one system is user friendly enough to ease anyone into powerful aerial photography, perfect for beginners that have been intimidated by drones in general. Time to stop making excuses and see the world around you from a new perspective.