Sol Pocket Rocket

Sol Pocket Rocket

Promising a huge step forward in the evolution of the "noped."

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Too fast to be an e-bike and lacking the pedals of a traditional moped, the new two-wheel motorized commuter vehicle by Germany’s Sol Motors epitomizes the term “noped.” The Sol Pocket Rocket promises a huge step forward in the evolution of nopeds that began with models such as the Honda Urban Express and the Yamaha Chappy.

At just 55 kilograms, the Pocket Rocket is incredibly lightweight and packs an even more incredible punch. Charging with a common home electric outlet, its removable battery can take you as far as 80 kilometers at 80 kph. Its powerful, compact motor is capable of producing 8.5 hp and 150 Nm of torque.

The Pocket Rocket features a durable aluminum frame and regenerative hydraulic braking system. Still not convinced? Take a look at the Sol Pocket Rocket’s impressive resume of recognitions like the European Product Design Award, 2018 German Design Award, and gold medal at the Focus Open 2018.