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Secret Speakeasy Inside an Umbrella Shop

This umbrella shop in Hong Kong hides a secret speakeasy behind.

There are several things from spy movies that make us go wow. On the top of the list, along with machine guns equipped Aston Martin’s with ejector seats, might be secret passageways that reveal hidden rooms filled with intrigue and mystery, most likely in a super villain’s lair.

NC Design & Architecture seems to have embraced this idea, as seen by their previous projects, as well as their design for the Foxglove, a speakeasy in Hong Kong that is hidden behind an umbrella shop. The secret speakeasy can be accessed via a secret doorway towards the back of the boutique, revealing a stunning interior that has been inspired by the glamour of first class cabins and vintage cars. There are more hidden passageways that separate the space from the VVIP area within the speakeasy as well.