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Satechi Type-C Hub

Satechi now gives you the option to make your 12" MacBook much more usable for today's world.

The 12″ Apple MacBook is a sleek and lightweight laptop that packs a surprising punch for such a compact package. Apple is known for their boldness in embracing new technology while abandoning what they believe to be old, even though consumers may not be ready for change. That’s why Apple’s decision to only offer one USB-C port on their sleek MacBook was met with a lukewarm response, when people are still using traditional USB thumb drives and other peripherals. There’s not denying that USB-C will become the ubiquitous standard in the near future, but at this point there needs to be way to make the transition easier.

Satechi seems to be more than happy to provide a way to ease in the transition by offering a hub that will expand your MacBook’s connectivity options in a sleek package that almost looks as if it was designed by Apple themselves. The Satechi Type-C Hub has two USB ports, a slot for an SD and micro-SD cards, and also offers a power pass through, a standout improvement from the previous version. Now equipped with all the essentials that we need thanks to Satechi, looks like the 12″ MacBooks just became more versatile than ever before.