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Samsung 43" Odyssey Neo G7 Gaming Monitor

Samsung’s 43-Inch Odyssey Neo G7 Gaming Monitor Is Now Available

The company’s first flat 43-inch gaming monitor using Quantum Mini LED technology.

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If you have a top-tier gaming rig, then it matters how good your gaming monitor is. The best gaming rigs deserve a breathtakingly large monitor with no tearing or visual glitches. The new Samsung Odyssey Neo G7 is a beautiful, crystal-clear 43-inch 4K UHD smart gaming monitor that gives your games the stage they deserve.

Straddling the line between a smart TV and a gaming monitor, the Odyssey Neo G7 is big enough to fill a whole room with performance usually seen on smaller devices in the 24 to 27-inch classes. With 144Hz performance and a 1ms refresh, you will get captivating, large-format visuals with a Quantum mini LED panel and VESA Display HDR600 technology. AMD FreeSync technology gives you ultimate compatibility with your Radeon video card.

Smart monitor technology means that besides being an incredible gaming monitor, the Odyssey Neo G7 also allows you to use it as a smart TV, with dedicated apps like Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video. Your favorite movies and infotainment are accessible via the included remote.

The matte display and large viewing area are the winning features of this monitor. The matte display panel minimizes glare, making it easier to play games in a sunlit room without angling away from the windows. Samsung software lets you maximize your view to play with couch comfort or shrink down to a 20” display size and add ultrawide viewing mode. With a compelling feature set, the Odyssey Neo G7 is the next great addition to your game room.

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