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Rogue Wagon Wheel Plates

Three inches taller than standard 45-lb plates, the Rogue Wagon Wheel Plates give you an ergonomic edge to maximize your workout.

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You’re in beast mode during your workout, and slowing down to add blocks or weight doesn’t cut it. Adding weight to your deadlift bar takes effort you’d rather be putting into your strength training. Setting up blocks to help improve your deadlift lockout wastes valuable workout time and is just another added expense. The Rogue Wagon Wheel Plates help maximize your workout and optimize your limited gym time.

The Rogue Wagon Wheel Plates were co-developed with the knowledge and experience of award-winning powerlifting trainer Mark Bell. Why do plates have to be 450mm? Why do we have to use blocks to shorten the lift when we practice lockouts? The Rogue Wagon Wheel Plates blasts those myths away, standing 650mm, which gives your bar height a three-inch body lift — a whopping eight inches taller than standard 45-pound plates. This rocks because you won’t need blocks for limited range pulls or jacks for loading or unloading. The Rogue Fitness Wagon Wheel Plates are easier on your joints, perfects your lockout, and eliminates the need for blocks. Laser cut from 3/8-inch steel, these fitness plates are super slim and easy to store with your standard plates. As an added bonus, their raw steel clear coated finish will look gritty and awesome in your gym.