Revov Coin Storage

A far more attractive and enjoyable alternative to store your spare change.

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Where does your spare change accumulate? Stacked in piles on your dresser? In the cup holders of your car? Some sort of piggy bank or old jug?

Well, the startup Revov has come up with a far more attractive and enjoyable alternative. The new Revov Coin Storage looks like a little minimalist sculpture of natural beech wood that can be ordered with either a light or dark finish. But its aesthetically pleasing surfaces and lines are specifically designed to collect your coins.

The coolest feature of the Revov Coin Storage unit has to be its magnetized lid mechanism that looks as if it’s floating. When you’re ready to retrieve a handful of coins from the unit, you can pivot the lid open with a flick of your finger. This virtually effortless and frictionless movement elicits a fun, bouncy feeling that is just as addictive as any fidget spinner.