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Ressence Type 8

The Ressence Type 8 Links History to Hyper-Modernity

This is a modern, minimal, and sleek watch that comes in a titanium case.

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$ 13.376

Wearable timepieces, now known as watches, were first manufactured in the 15th and 16th centuries. The Ressence Type 8 is a modern and minimalist watch that encompasses everything humans have enjoyed about timepieces for more than 500 years. The Ressence Type 8 tells time, and it does it with sophistication and style. It features a lean and sleek titanium case that makes it the most minimal and lightweight design by Ressence yet. It is so slim, it weighs only 42 grams total, which adds to the watch’s ambidextrous and ergonomic comfort. Its matte Cobalt blue grade 5 titanium convex dial is stunning with the simple white baton markers and engraved indications filled with 100 percent blue Superluminova grade A, perfect for low-light legibility. One will find the Ressence logo located at 12 o’clock on the hours sub-dial.

A trademark feature of the 42.9mm Ressence Type 8 is how it displays the time. The company’s patented display module, ROCS, cuts time into units and displays time on sub-dials that rotate around the main dial, similar to planets around the sun. The Ressence Type 8 does not overcomplicate time-telling. It displays only hours and minutes. Minutes line the main dial, and hours are on the smaller, inside sub-dial. The goal of the Ressence Type 8 is to bring Ressence watches back to the basics without sacrificing new-age style and functionality. It is the simplest, lightest, and most affordable watch currently made by Ressence.

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Ressence Type 8

$ 13,376
  • Case Material: Polished/Satinated Grade 5 Titanium
  • Case Diameter: 42.9mm
  • Movement: Patented ROCS 8 – Ressence Orbital Convex System
  • Water Resistance: 1 ATM splash resistance