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Ressence Type 1 Squared X

Ressence Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary With The Type 1 Squared X

The watch has no crown – the winding and setting mechanism is found on the caseback itself.

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$ 23,500

Building on intuitive neuroscience and the natural inclination of the human mind to understand the passage of time, the limited edition  Ressence Type 1 Squared X bridges the gap between technology and the natural world. Drastically challenging the paradigm, Ressence answers the question: What is the most effective way to tell time? Beginning with the work of neuroscientist Christopher Harvey of Harvard University and using colors to represent the time of day, Ressence has crafted an exquisite timepiece that blends the fundamental understanding of time with the internal biological clock. The Time by Color system represents the different shades of the day in four colors; yellow, gray, blue, and black. Each minute of a day is shown by a unique blend of color, with the morning light led by yellow and the evening by blue.

The dark olive-green dial covers hours, minutes, days, and weekdays with three eccentric biaxial satellites, while the case is produced in grade 5 titanium, a first for a Type 1 Squared model. Measuring at 41 mm by 11 mm, this timepiece is held in place by a green leather strap with an ardillon buckle. Ressence’s Type 1 Squared X is designed to appeal to a natural and intuitive reading of the changing light of day over constructed measurement for speed and ease of reading.

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Ressence Type 1 Squared X

$ 23,500
  • Case Material: Grade 5 Titanium
  • Case Diameter: 41mm
  • Movement: Automatic ROCS 5
  • Water Resistance: 1AT