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Prometheus Design Werx SPD Paladin Hoodie

Prometheus Design Werx SPD Paladin Hoodie Is Ready For Any Adventure

A go-to choice for those who demand the best from their outdoor gear.

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The most iconic brands are known for their commitment to bringing together the best design choices with top-quality materials and manufacturing, Prometheus Design Werx is one such company, producing an impressive range of outdoor apparel along with an extensive collection of essential tools for adventures in the most challenging of environments. The latest addition to its line of clothing, the Prometheus Design Werx SPD Paladin Hoodie, reflects this commitment to practically-minded garments that bring a unique aesthetic into play. Available in all-terrain brown and universal field gray, this stylish hoodie embodies the brand’s ethos that form follows function.

It’s a soft-shelled hooded jacked that first and foremost guarantees protection from the elements, whether you’re hiking through a powerful wind or low temperatures. This protection comes with a highly breathable 4-way stretch fabric, offering a degree of comfort along with its impressive durability.

There’s an impressive array of design decisions woven into the SPD Paladin Hoodie, from the three-panel hood to the spacious internal pockets for stowing your essential belongings. Double-reinforced elbows and Prometheus Werx’s signature loop panels for morale patches, bring a finishing touch to one of their most versatile designs.

The Prometheus Design Werx SPD Paladin Hoodie has been refined through feedback from experienced wilderness explorers who require gear for the most demanding expeditions. The company has delivered the goods, with a hoodie that successfully combines practicality with reliability.

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