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WRÅD x Slowear Collaboration

Presenting The WRÅD x Slowear Mini Capsule Collection

The capsule is dedicated to the value of time and responsible design.

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WRÅD and Slowear are two Italian apparel companies that share a common mission to create robust, long-lasting sustainable garments. Their aim is “to create a virtuous business cycle that benefits the environment and people: extending the life of garments to extend the life of the planet.” The two brands have collaborated to create the WRÅD x Slowear Mini Capsule Collection, featuring a limited-edition line of 100 T-shirts and 20 sweatshirts.

The WRÅD x Slowear Mini Capsule Collection T-shirts, available in white and blue, are made with jacquard looms using GOTS-certified organic cotton yarn. The GOTS certification verifies the content of natural fibers from organic farming, the maintenance of traceability along the entire production process, the restrictions in the use of chemical products, and compliance with environmental and social criteria at all stages of the production chain. The particular jacquard workmanship also gives the garment an incredibly soft feel.

The collection’s crewneck sweatshirts are made of recovered cotton and are all one-of-a-kind pieces featuring a natural type of botanical print made by hand. The printing process, on each garment, is based on the principle of the migration of the natural pigment contained in plants to the fabric to give life to unique graphic marks and impressions. The plant used for the botanical print of the first 20 sweatshirts in this capsule is the wild bramble, a thorny, weedy shrub known primarily for its edible fruit, the blackberry.

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