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Porter & Hazel Leather Luggage Tags

Porter & Hazel Printed Leather Luggage Tags

After a long trip on the airplane, the last step before freedom is picking up your luggage from the carousel. It’s usually a long arduous wait that that requires patience and the willpower to fight boredom. A quick game we get to play is ‘find the difference with all the bags that travel along the path of the carousel’; usually all black that looks pretty much the same as the one that came before it, with the only difference being a pink ribbon on the handle or a sticker on the side. When your bag finally arrives, it’s like winning a mini lottery and you take a look around the room at all those people that are still waiting for their bags with a dose of smugness, but that’s when you realize that you’ve picked up someone else’s bag that looks exactly the same.

It may be time to make it easier for you to spot your own bag while also adding a bit more character and style with the Porter & Hazel Leather Luggage Tags. The leather tag is available with a variety of sentiments or can be customized to your preference with anything from a famous quote to your personal info. The leather can also come in a variety of colors, so your tag can stand out even more at the luggage carousel. The hand cut Porter & Hazel Leather Luggage Tags are available for $26 USD on Etsy.