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Porsche Design Monoblock Actuator

The Porsche Design Monoblock Actuator is a wristwatch inspired by the automotive engineering precision and reputation of Porsche.

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No, a Porsche Design Monoblock Actuator isn’t a replacement part for your incredibly expensive German automobile. It’s to be proudly worn on your wrist.

This is a wristwatch, though we suppose it should be called a timepiece, because when we think wristwatch some of us might imagine a throwaway piece of chrono apparel. This is definitely not that.

An actuator is defined as a component of a machine responsible for moving or controlling a mechanism or a system. That sounds accurate, for the Porsche Design Monoblack Actuator controls the very mechanism of time. It’s a timekeeping machine noted for the reputation and precision of the German automotive engineering that defines its design and movement. It’ a timepiece that features a 45.5-millimeter titanium case, some with matching titanium bracelets, and a matte black or blue sunburst dial. Nothing but the best.

They take its automotive connection seriously, the timepiece people. The actuator includes a chronograph mechanism for timing laps whose design was inspired by the valvetrain of the Porsche 911 RSR. It is truly a masterpiece in titanium machine engineering in miniature.

The price, when it reaches stores, will be $6,350. A challenging hit to the leather wallets and Louis Vuitton purses of some, for sure. But when you think about it, this must be by far the most affordable Porsche you’ll even have the pleasure of owning. And you won’t have to consign it to your garage.