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popSLATE 2

popSLATE 2

Turn your iPhone into a dual screen workhorse with this E Ink attachment.

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E Ink has been widely used in e-readers like the Kindle for its paper-like qualities and ultra-low power consumption. The black and white display is easier on your eyes, with a natural look that feels more like reading something on a piece of paper. It would be great if our smartphone displays were made of this stuff too, since we’re constantly looking at it, but its lack of color and somewhat rudimentary technology has always taken a backseat to the vivid displays we see on our phones.

However, with the popSLATE 2, you can merge the two and turn your iPhone into a dual screen workhorse. It gives you a second E Ink screen on the back that you can utilize with a wide range of apps, giving you features to keep you informed without unlocking your phone. You can keep an eye out for your favorite sports team’s scores, stocks, and breaking news from your favorite sources, or have your boarding passes, movie tickets, and loyalty cards ready for you when you need it. What’s more, the built-in battery gives you up to nine hours of extra talk time for your phone as well.