Poler Reversible Camp Poncho Blanket

Whether you wear it like a poncho or like a rain jacket, this insulated and fully waterproof blanket keeps you warm, cozy, and perfectly dry.

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Essentially a wearable tent, the rain poncho has never served as an effective fashion statement… until now. With its Reversible Camp Poncho Blanket, the boutique outdoor apparel and equipment brand Poler has taken this most-basic of garments from “last resort against crappy weather” to “first choice for stylish wilderness wear.”

The Poler Reversible Camp Poncho Blanket stuffs a fully waterproof protective shell with Thermastuff insulation to keep you warm and cozy as well as perfectly dry. Open this garment wide to wear as a traditional poncho or, for a more slender look and feel, snap up its sides to transform it into something far more similar to a rain jacket.

To store your belongings, the Reversible Camp Poncho Blanket features 14″ x 12″ kangaroo pouch pockets and 4″ x 5″ accessory pockets on each side. To store the jacket itself, each unit sold comes complete with an 18″ x 8″ stuffsack.