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Pioneer Global Pouch

Pioneer Delivers Its New Global Pouch

The perfect travel companion, offering easy access to all your EDC.

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Pioneer is known for its rugged products made with custom-developed fabrics created through a series of steps that include heat, pressure, and lasers. From wallets to cardholders, and now the newly-released Global Pouch, all of the brand’s products are custom developed to meet the most exacting standards. Perfect for travel, the Global Pouch is made from the world’s strongest fiber, the proprietary, and wholly impressive 10XD, that can handle whatever comes its way. This ripstop material features a custom blend of ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene. The Global Pouch has a luxurious matte finish provided by 3PN, which is a 3-ply nylon with dirt and water resistance (DWR) that out performs leather in every way.

As for its design, the wide-mouth opening, secured by a YKK AquaGuard main zipper, promises to fit all the most important gear inside. Plus, the five internal pockets keep everything well organized throughout your travels. Measuring 8- x 6- x 2.75-inches, the Pioneer Global Pouch comes in earth and onyx tones to complement your look. On top of all this, the Pouch comes with a 10-year unlimited warranty.

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