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Unleash Your Photography Potential With The Peak Design Micro Clutch Hand Strap

With its superior grip and easy access to controls, the Micro Clutch ensures you never miss a shot.

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Peak Design, the brand known for its exceptional gear and gadgets, is set to launch its latest product for photography enthusiasts—the Micro Clutch. This functional hand strap is specially designed for mirrorless cameras, offering users a superior grip, enhanced comfort, and seamless access to controls. Anticipated to ship in the summer of 2023, the Micro Clutch is already creating a buzz among photography enthusiasts.

By backing the campaign now, consumers can lock in an incredible deal and even enjoy up to 50% off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) when adding other Peak Design products to their reward. This limited-time campaign presents a fantastic opportunity for those seeking cutting-edge camera accessories.

Micro Clutch addresses the challenge posed by the evolution of cameras, which have become increasingly compact, while human hands have remained the same size. This incongruity necessitated a solution, and Peak Design stepped in with the Micro Clutch, offering security, stability, and comfort in a beautifully designed package.

The hand strap boasts compatibility with a wide range of mirrorless camera shapes and sizes, thanks to its two versions: one with an I-shaped baseplate and the other with an L-shaped baseplate. In addition, Peak Design also offers the original Clutch hand strap for DSLR and larger mirrorless cameras, which customers can enjoy at a 20% discount when backing this project. As a testament to their confidence in the product’s durability, Peak Design offers a lifetime guarantee on the Micro Clutch, in line with their commitment to delivering high-quality products built to last.

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