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PATH Projects The Wadi Collection

PATH Projects’ The Wadi Collection: Gear Up for Your Next Adventure

Whether you’re hitting the trails, working out, or simply enjoying the great outdoors.

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Since its inception in 2018, PATH Projects has worked in close partnership with the world’s leading mills to bring the latest in fabric technology to superior clothing systems for dedicated runners. Combining functional designs with innovative materials, the brand’s range of technical gear delivers performance for modern endurance athletes while looking at home in the city.

The new PATH Projects The Wadi Collection brings together three clothing items in a microcapsule that caters to a discerning customer base looking for ultralight tops for high-heat running conditions. Featuring a tee-shirt, tank, and hoodie, each entry has been manufactured in partnership with Toray™ in Japan for the best quality and breathability in intense dry heat conditions.

The Wadi Tee delivers exceptional protection from UPF while incorporating targeted welded seams to ensure a streamlined fit that is as stylish as it is practical. Toray Fieldsensor Byokan, the latest multi-density knit structure technology designed to move perspiration from the wearer’s skin to the fabric, provides additional sun protection and effective moisture management.

Next up in the PATH Projects, The Wadi Collection, is the Wadi Tank. It eschews the sleeves for a cooler running experience and allows for a peak effort level. As with the T-shirt, the tank comes in three bold colors: black, light gray, and matte neon. Wrapping up the PATH Projects The Wadi Collection is the Wadi LS Hooded Tee, featuring a hood designed for maximum head coverage and bringing a signature watch slot along with the Toray Fieldsensor Byokan construction.

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