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The Palmen Barnfind Collection

The Palman Barnfind Collection Is A 230 Classic Car Cache

Two buildings and a church filled with dream cars in the Netherlands.

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Forty years ago, Mr. Palmen started collecting cars and storing them in various properties in Dordrecht, Netherlands. Over the decades, Palmen managed to fill up two buildings and a church with some of the most desirable pieces of fuel-burning metal you can imagine. People in the area never knew the full extent of this collection as it was never open to the public. However, due to personal circumstances, Mr. Palmen is ready to find new caretakers for his staggering 230-piece collection of barnfind classic cars.

Overseeing this car collection is Gallery Aaldering releasing mind-blowing photos of the inventory in its current, dust-covered state. Among the list of vehicles, you’ll find a Mercedes-Benz 300S Roadster, Alfa Romeo 2600 SZ, Lancia Aurelia Spider, Ford Mustang fastback, and so much more! The scope of vehicle diversity in The Palmen Barnfind Collection boggles the mind.

The Palmen Barnfind Collection auction will be managed online by Classic Car Auctions. There’s a lot of metal to move, so the best way to find homes for all these cars is with a Wi-Fi signal. The online auction starts on May 19, followed by viewing days from May 27 – 29. The auction for these 230 barnfind classic cars will continue until the closing date of June 7.

Based on this collection’s condition, story, and desirability, we don’t think they’ll have trouble finding buyers. It will be a smorgasbord of bidding wars in an everything-must-go frenzy.

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