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Oyster Tempo

Oyster Tempo: An Ice-Free Cooler

Designed to be among the world’s first high-performance coolers that don’t need ice to keep already-cooled items cold.

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$ 500

Oyster recently introduced Oyster Tempo, a new kind of cooler providing thermal performance, advanced usability, and sustainability. The company says Oyster Tempo gets three times colder than ordinary premium coolers and stays that way longer. The cooler’s meticulous engineering with Oyster’s patented DLTA™ system and insulating container limit outside heat to internal storage increases the cooler’s insulating performance.

The speed of thermal energy distributed throughout the cooler affects how quickly and evenly it achieves optimal temperature. Oyster Tempo’s space-saving design fits 36 cans. The cooler measures about 1.61 ft. x 1.05 ft. x 11.57 in. without the handle.

The Oyster Tempo also features various carrying and mounting options. Oyster says the company’s mission is to develop technology to help solve environmental challenges. To that end, they manufactured the Oyster Tempo with a combined soft latch and hinges and a seal that fits perfectly. And they designed it to be taken apart quickly to clean the hinges or replace parts if needed. Finally, the innovative Oyster Tempo is 100% recyclable aluminum.

The first edition Oyster Tempo bundle is a starter pack with an adjustable strap and two Cold Thermal Ice Packs to boost the performance of the Tempo. The Tempo is on sale for $500 and can be pre-ordered here.

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