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Oval Digital Handpan

Oval Digital Handpan

New kind of digital percussive instrument will transform anyone into a musician.

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A major benefit of electronic instruments is the ability to tailor the sound it makes. Instead of being restricted to the native sounds of each instrument, you can customize the sound to your liking, making the instrument infinitely more versatile. The latest instrument to get the digital treatment is an unlikely one, but seeks to be one of the most approachable instruments we’ve seen so far.

This UFO-like device is the Oval, a digital handpan, which is a percussive instruments that’s been derived from the Hang. It’s a relatively new type of instrument that uses the same principles as the steelpan that we’re familiar with. By updating the handpan into a digital instrument, it overcomes the limitations of it being tied to one key in aeolian scale. You can introduce new scales and keys to the instrument, making the Oval an instrument with limitless possibilities. There are four color choices to customize your Oval, ranging from red, white, black, and grey, and can also be ordered with a wooden shell for easy transport and storage.