Oak Street 10-Year Trench Boot

Oak Street Celebrates A Decade Of Boot Making

From its sole to the upper, the Oak Street 10-Year Trench Boot is made from oil tan leather for a soft, supple fit that’s built to last.

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$ 298

Trench boots are designed to withstand just about anything. The leather construction helps keep out moisture while the interior remains dry and comfortable. Oak Street has been making its own Trench Boot for a decade now, and with the 10-year anniversary of its original boot coming up. To celebrate the occasion, the company is releasing the special Oak Street 10-Year Trench Boot. The boot features a number of upgrades over its traditional offering and uses Black Seidel Oil Tan Leather, which gives the boot a soft, supple feel. All of the leather is sourced in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from the Seidel Tanning Corporation.

The soles, unlike other boots, are made from leather every bit as exquisite as that which is used on the upper body of the trench boot. Each leather sole is constructed using a bottom-up technique fit with a Vibram toplift. There are no pre-assembled materials or components with the boots. The Elston last fit is made from a very specific cut to help the boots last longer with less tearing around the seams.