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Nvidia GeForce Now

Nvidia Releases GeForce Now Gaming Service

Designed for PC gamers, membership allows you to store games directly to your library. So they’re not confined to just one computer.

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$ 4.99 per month

One of the biggest issues with buying a video game for your PC has always been the need to remain on the computer you installed it on. If you purchased a hard copy, you may only be allowed to use it on one system at a time. All of that has changed with the Nvidia GeForce Now system. Designed for PC gamers, when you purchase a game it is then stored directly onto your library. This way, if you upgrade your system or have to replace hard drives or other hardware, you won’t be forced to buy it twice. You can simply log into your account and access your game. After all, you bought it already. Why should you be forced to pay for it again?

Nvidia GeForce Now is more than just the games you purchased, though. It holds all your account info as well. So if you download one of the free game platforms (such as Fortnite), you’re able to easily access your information wherever you log on.