Nua Electrica E-Bike

Nua Electrica E-Bike

You can’t see the motor or the battery, but we promise it’s an e-bike.

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$ 4,500

Riding a bicycle may be a smart commute choice for several reasons, but maybe you don’t want to ride in to work on a summer day as a sweaty mess? If so, why not go with an e-bike to help boost your output so you can travel faster and further with less energy? But then, you might not prefer the bulky look of e-bikes or the fact that you have to keep it charged every day.

The Nua Electrica E-Bike gives you the best of traditional and electric bike worlds. To the naked eye, this titanium, belt-drive bicycle looks like your standard road cruiser. While not easily visible, there is a built-in motor on the rear wheel that blends right in to the look of the bike.

It also has a self-charging mode that charges as you pedal or brake, so you might never need to charge the battery depending on your riding style. Yet it can still help assist in a boost of 25 kilometers an hour, so you’ll still get that extra boost for those uphills.