Nomad Apple Watch Active Leather Strap

The Nomad Apple Watch Active Leather Strap Can Take Whatever You Throw At It

The strap’s versatile material is made to be breathable during active use while maintaining an elegant finish fit for any occasion.

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$ 70

The Nomad Apple Watch Active Leather Strap puts an ultra-modern band onto a wearable device with highly technical innovations. The German manufactured Heinen leather strap is durable and watertight. During processing, the strap gets special care from an ingenious tanning method. Thanks to that finish, any spills are easily cleaned with the gentle caress of a towel across the hydrophobically treated strap. The stainless steel face and buckle will never rust keeping this arm candy looking immaculate even after years of use. 

The strap works with the newest and legacy versions of the Apple Watch. The buckle that clasps the 44/42mm Mocha waterproof leather strap comes in either silver or black. The treated leather is breathable enough to withstand an hours-long hike over the weekend and still look dignified first thing on a Monday morning at the head of the conference table, making a lasting impression on any occasion.