Shackleton x Leica Frank Hurley Photographer´s Jacket

The Shackleton x Leica Frank Hurley Photographer´s Jacket Will Keep You Warm In The Most Unforgiving Climates

The jacket uses a Cordura shell, graphene lining, and 800-fill goose down insulation that protects against temperatures as cold as -77° F.

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$ 2,621

Made to withstand the most extreme conditions, Shackleton’s range of outerwear offers coats worthy of traversing the world’s most treacherous terrain. Embarking onto those journeys is a necessary task for nature photographers if they are to snap stunning shots of some of Earth’s most unforgiving environments. From the footsteps of the Himalayas to the barren plains of Antarctica, capturing those images can be a matter of life or death. The Shackleton x Leica Frank Hurley Photographer ́s Jacket pays homage to those brave souls.

Leica teams up with Shackleton for an apropos partnership behind a jacket whose namesake pays respect to Frank Hurley. Hurley was Sir Ernest Shackleton’s official photographer, cinematographer, and companion during the Trans-Antarctic Expedition. From 1914 until 1917, the two crossed a continent that had yet to be documented by mankind in such detail. This commemorative jacket is made with that journey in mind, stuffed with 800-fill European goose down. Its Cordura shell and graphene lining protect against cold up to -77°  Fahrenheit. While the high-frequency seam sealing that makes this jacket impossible for the cold to penetrate wasn’t available during that inaugural expedition, it can certainly match any journey inspired the fearlessness that fueled Hurley and Shackleton over 100 years ago.