Ninm Lab IT'S OK Bluetooth Cassette Player

Ninm Lab IT’S OK Bluetooth Cassette Player

This cassette player has all the features you’d expect including a 3.5mm headphone jack, belt clip, and a transparent cover.

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$ 688

Audiophiles and cinephiles can both agree that there’s just something about analog playback that can’t be beaten, even with all that digital film and music have done to make those mediums more accessible. Whether it’s the deep resonance of vinyl or the cinematic warmth of 35 mm film, technological innovations just can’t replicate that je ne sais quoi.

One benefit for music listeners is the sense of being completely captivated that comes along with listening to records, cassettes, and CDs. Instead of being bombarded by texts, phone calls, and emails while you’re streaming music from your phone, old school those devices like this envelope listeners in the music. That experience creates a presence of mind that really connects fans to their favorite artists. Nimn Lab IT’S OK Bluetooth Cassette Player captures the dynamic of those classic devices while providing one crucial benefit of modern audio technology — Bluetooth connectivity.

This cassette player has all the traditional features you’d expect. It’s equipped with a 3.5mm headphone jack for headphones to revel in classic mono sound, a clip to attach it to yourself for active use, and a transparent cover that gives you a purview to watch the player in action. That foundation embodies everything that made the walkman such a cultural icon. It’s enhanced to facilitate wireless connectivity to speakers, headphones, and other Bluetooth enabled devices through a design that brings retro-futurism to life.