Nike Adapt Auto Max

The Nike Adapt Auto Max Offer Instant Personalization

Tinker Hatfield’s aesthetic guidance gives the Nike Adapt Auto Max a unique design based on the Nike Mag and Air Max 90.

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$ 400

Survival is about one thing — adaptation. That’s why the Nike Adapt Auto Max incorporates this poignant Darwinian principle into its latest release. The sneaker bases its appearance on the Air Max 90 and Nike Mag with the help of Tinker Hatfield’s renowned eye for style. A bolder profile and thicker midsole make this sneaker distinguishable from its inspirations. What really sets it apart is the FitAdapt engine at the core of this sneaker. From personalization to responsiveness, this technology allows the sneaker to be modified for a better fit or add a bit of flair by changing the color of the light emanating from the sole.

The FitAdapt engine is also engineered to utilize preset modes made to help dial into an intense workout or loosen up to relax. That engine can also save custom profiles to make the sneakers fit like a glove. From style to performance, the Nike Adapt Auto Max breaks new ground on what it means for footwear to be future-ready.