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Nike ACG Summer Collection

Nike Delivers The New ACG Summer 2022 Collection

Nike ACG will soon release a selection of stylish outerwear staples for Summer 2022.

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The Nike ACG Summer Collection is about to release with new trail pants, an insulated jacket, the new ACG Lowcate sneaker, cargo khaki shorts, and graphic tee shirts. Nike drew inspiration from Spirit Lake in Washington State, and a commitment to designing durable fashion for the outdoors. The Nike ACG Summer Collection features a wide range of apparel and footwear that focuses on breathability, freedom of movement, and utility. For example, the new ACG Lowcate boasts a lug pattern on the outsole, with a midfoot plate to provide stability in a vintage trail-ready low-top running shoe. Washington State’s ever-changing weather requires outerwear that is easily layered. It is this layering philosophy that Nike says is the foundation of the ACG Summer Collection.

Each piece of apparel nests in a larger outfit choice. Nike says the treetop graphic long-sleeve top is a perfect mid-layer to protect skin from the sun. And the Cascade Rains jacket in the Summer Collection includes various zippered pouches and features a full-length zipper. Versatile zipping is a staple of ACG design, enabling a warm mid-layer to become breathable and cool. Nike says they packed the entire collection with functional tech and lightweight, stretchable materials. The Nike ACG Summer Collection releases on May 28 throughout North America and Europe.

Nike has also recently released the ISPA Link & ISPA LInk Axis.