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Nier Silicone Ice Tray

NieR Silicone Ice Tray Makes Cubes Of The Head Of Emil’s Character

The NieR silicone ice tray makes two round ice cubes featuring Emil’s face.

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$ 30

Square-Enix just dropped the NieR Silicone Ice Tray, and Emil fans will be happy. The ice tray measures a total of 55mm in diameter. It features Emil’s face in two big round spheres, perfect for fans of the Neir action role-playing video game. These whiskey tumbler-sized ice cubes are an ideal conversation piece in an adult beverage. What’s more, the NieR Silicone Ice Tray would make a great fan gift. Square Enix Ltd. develops, publishes, distributes, and licenses branded entertainment throughout Europe. Additionally, the company has a global network of leading development studios and a portfolio of intellectual property such as Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Tomb Raider, and Space Invaders. Square-Enix has made a long list of NieR merchandise available for replicant ver.1.22474487139 since the game’s release over a year ago.

The NieR Silicone Ice Tray is the latest addition to the collection. The character, Emil, possesses the power to turn people to stone by looking at them. He eventually becomes a skeletal creature dressed in a ragged cloak that floats above the ground and wields an enchanted staff. It is this ghoulish version that the NieR Silicone Ice Tray invokes. The character’s hollow eyes and toothy grin make perfect ice cubes for fans.

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