Newron EV-1

Newron Motors Unveils A Stunning Wooden Electric Motorcycle

The bike’s all-natural wooden frame and hand-stitched leather upholstery made each of the 12 models to be manufactured truly unique.

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$ 67,000

Futuristic in design and efficient in its application, the Newron EV-1 is an electric motorcycle that is unlike any other. Its lithium-ion battery is designed to be easily maintained, can quickly recharge in just 40 minutes, and deliver a range of up to 180 miles on a full battery. With a top speed of 137 mph, the electric bike can rocket from 0 to 60 in under 3 seconds…but what truly sets this motorcycle apart is its frame. The bodywork of each of the 12 models to be manufactured is made from all-natural materials. From wooden bodywork to hand-stitched leather upholstery, each EV-1 is made to fit the taste of its rider. Newron Motors’ hand-crafted, bespoke approach to design means that each model created is truly irreplaceable.

The beautifully-sculpted haunches of the Newron EV-1 are powered by an advanced 75 kW PMAC engine that can deliver a maximum of 180 ft-lb torque even from a standstill. An onboard navigation system, Bluetooth, and WiFi connectivity easily keep the rider connected and in touch using their smartphone. The Beringer multi-level regenerative ABS system uses radial calipers and dual 320 mm disks. From its aesthetic to its performance, this electric motorcycle is the utter embodiment of Newron Motors’ meticulous craftsmanship.