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Mystery Ranch Bridger 55L

Mystery Ranch Introduces The Bridger 55L

Made by the company that supplies the Navy SEALs and Forest Service Hotshots.

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Intended for backpacking and camping, the Mystery Ranch Bridger 55L backpack is a perfect example of the company’s four- concept philosophy: function, comfort, quality, and durability. The key feature of the Bridger backpack is Mystery Ranch’s new harness system, which is dubbed the Endurance Yoke. The new yoke builds on the company’s classic Futura design, which adjusts to the wearer’s height and spreads weight equally across the hips and shoulders. Inspired by running vests, the Endurance Yoke has pocketed shoulder pads that keep snacks and hydration close at hand. Furthermore, the yoke improves the breathability of the Bridger pack and also does a great job for comfort under load.

The Mystery Ranch Bridger 55L belt is well padded and shaped to ride the wearer’s hips snugly, without rubbing or pressure points. The pack also has two sternum straps included that keep the load in place. A deep, generous stretch pocket covers the front panel, making a great spot for an extra layer. Likewise, the side stretch pockets are spacious enough to hold two bottles each, or even a backpacking tent. Mystery Ranch has added smaller pockets onto the belt, and also the shoulder straps of the Bridger pack, both made of a slightly stretchy mesh. The belt pockets zip up and are well sized for at-hand items like snacks or a headlamp, but will also hold a smartphone or pair of sunglasses in a case. The two pockets on the wearer’s chest are open-topped and incredibly handy. At the base of the pack is a dedicated zippered compartment for a sleeping bag. An internal divider keeps this space separate from the main pack, but it will fold out the way if not needed.

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