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MoonSwatch MISSION ON EARTH watches

Swatch’s New MoonSwatch Collection Is A Tribute To Earth’s Marvels

Each watch reflects a unique environmental theme: volcanic lava flows, mesmerizing polar lights, and expansive desert landscapes.

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$ 270

Swatch unveils its new MoonSwatch MISSION ON EARTH collection, an innovative tribute to the natural elements of our planet. Available from June 15th at select Swatch boutiques, this collection features three distinct models: Mission on Earth Lava, Mission on Earth Polar Lights, and Mission on Earth Desert, each retailing at $270.

The Mission on Earth Lava draws its fiery inspiration from the Earth’s volcanic activity, with a design echoing the hues of molten lava and the aesthetic of Omega’s Speedmaster “Ultraman”. The watch boasts a red-orange Bioceramic case and crown, complemented by a black dial with radial sub-dials. This piece is not just a timekeeper but a nod to the dynamic forces that shape our planet.

Celebrating the mesmerizing beauty of the aurora borealis, the Mission on Earth Polar Lights model features a turquoise Bioceramic case that mirrors the polar skies’ natural green and blue lights. The watch’s blue dial and radial sub-dials enhance its vibrant look, making it a standout accessory for any wrist.

The Desert edition encapsulates the vast, sandy expanses of the Earth’s deserts. It sports a sand-colored Bioceramic case and taupe dial with matching hands, perfectly capturing the serene yet harsh desert landscapes.

Each timepiece in the MISSION ON EARTH series is designed with a planet Earth motif on the battery cover and features Super-LumiNova on the hands and hour markers for visibility in low light. Swatch’s commitment to celebrating our planet’s beauty is evident in every detail of these watches, making them must-haves for collectors and fashion-forward individuals.

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