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Moment Long Weekend 35mm Camera

Moment Long Weekend 35mm Camera: Your Passport To Analog Adventure

Combining vintage aesthetics with a practical design that’s perfect for capturing memories on the go.

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$ 50

Capture the charm of analog photography with the Moment Long Weekend 35mm Camera, perfect for both newcomers to film photography and experienced shutterbugs looking for an adventure-ready companion.

This camera is a reliable choice, ensuring you won’t encounter the uncertainties that come with aging used cameras. It’s designed to be your go-to camera for leisurely weekends, whether you’re heading to the beach, the lake, or other destinations where you’d prefer not to risk a more expensive professional camera.

The Long Weekend camera from Moment boasts a playful and nostalgic design reminiscent of disposable cameras but with the advantage of being reloadable. Say goodbye to the wasteful process of disposing of a camera after every roll. It’s essentially a reusable disposable camera, giving you the flexibility to choose the film you want to shoot.

Crafted from lightweight ABS plastic, this camera is optimized for 135 Film (24X36mm) with ISO 200/400. It features a focus-free 31mm, F9 optical-grade acrylic lens, manual wind and rewind, and a built-in flash with a quick 10-15 second recycle time, ensuring you can capture memories effortlessly.

Keep track of your shots with the film viewing window and enjoy a 70% field view through the sharp viewfinder. Powered by a single AAA alkaline battery, this camera is your reliable companion for every adventure.

The Moment Long Weekend 35mm Camera is available in two colorways, making it a stylish accessory on its own. With straightforward operation and no complicated dials or settings, it’s a perfect road-trip companion that anyone can pick up and use, regardless of their photography experience. Get ready to relive moments endlessly with this camera, priced at just $50.

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