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Mission Workshop The Khyte VX

This Messenger Bag Is Basically Indestructible

The Mission Workshop Khyte VX is an enhanced version of the company’s weatherproof laptop bag using VX-21 ripstop fabric.

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$ 390

Brought to you by Mission Workshop, The Khyte VX does so much more than just assure your laptop will be safe from the elements. The fully-waterproof laptop bag uses pocket configurations that would make Batman’s utility belt blush. Hand-tailored compartments are specifically made for your smartphone, documents, and keys. All of that adds to a large main compartment and dedicated laptop section that zippers shut. The smartphone pocket uses a tricot lining while the bag is built with a double-layer design that keeps everything inside dry as a bone.

Although Mission Worship used the original Khyte design, the VX features many more enhancements. VX-21 diamond ripstop fabric gives the bag its namesake. The material is unparalleled when it comes to being abrasion and tear-resistant, keeping the waterproof exterior of this bad intact. Fidlock v-buckles and A&E Permacore thread add the finishing touches to a laptop bag that is hand-made so diligently that it is only released in small batches.