Mirror Home Gym

Mirror Interactive Home Gym

This full-length mirror is a functioning LCD panel that becomes your own personal trainer.

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Schedule too hectic to waste an hour on the road to the gym? Early morning and work hour classes not fitting your schedule? Or maybe you can make the time, but your workout buddy can’t? The Mirror Interactive Home Gym saves the day with its new at workout experience.

The full-length mirror becomes a functioning LCD panel with a camera, microphone, and stereo speakers. When performing your workout, open the app and choose from a variety of live or recorded sessions with personal trainers ready to work you into shape. The Mirror monitors your heart rate to track your progress, and you can even work out with friends.

Boxing, cardio, stretching, a quick pick-me-up or an extreme hour workout — the Mirror Interactive Home Gym has got it all. It even lets you take a post-workout selfie afterwards.