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Pre-Order The 3D Print-Knit Maskº From Ministry Of Supply

Using a 3D-printed knit, the Ministry of Supply Mask° Kit can be rapidly produced to meet the high demand for PPE.

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$ 50

While health authorities recommend a simple face covering to help stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, the Ministry of Supply Mask° Kit goes above and beyond. The reusable 3D-printed mask was designed under the counsel of healthcare experts. Each mask is made out of 72% viscose and 28% PBT polyester with 12.5-inch adjustable elastic earloops for a secure fit that means you won’t have to constantly readjust it. An insert incorporates BFE >95% rated filters, 10 of which come with each order. Filters are meant to be discarded after 8 hours of use to keep the masks germ-free.

Each Ministry of Supply Mask° is made to be machine washable so it can be used for the long term. As part of a commitment to combat this public health crisis, the company will even donate one Mask° Kit to healthcare professionals on the frontlines with each purchase. By utilizing a 3D-printed knit, Ministry of Supply and Nimbly Made have partnered to rapidly-produce PPE at a time when it is most needed.