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Meters Cubed

Meters Cubed Bluetooth Speakers

The compact Meters Cubed Bluetooth speakers are paired with a micro amplifier to pack a mighty punch.

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Ashdown Engineering knows low end like few other manufacturers of audio equipment. Shortly after going into business in 1997, this Chelmsford, England-based company garnered a global reputation as a master of bass guitar amplification, creating rigs for some of the greatest bands and session musicians in the world.

Through its Meters Music division, Ashdown brings this same dedication to exceptional sound to the world of general consumer audio equipment. Building on its line of premium in-ear and over-ear headphones, Meter Music recently released its first Bluetooth speaker device — Meters Cubed Bluetooth Speakers.

Designed with enough bass capacity to “rumble your desktop or bookshelf,” this set of 2.5-inch high power stereo speakers is paired with a micro amplifier to boost both highs and lows. The Meters Cubed system incorporates the same signature illuminated VU meter that has defined Ashdown bass amplifiers for decades. In addition to providing a view of playback levels at a mere glance, this VU meter adds striking classic elements to Meters Cubed’s otherwise modern and minimalist visual aesthetic. Consisting of three small cubes of equal dimensions, this product is available in both a bright white and a dark black finish.

The Meters Cubed system can connect with any computer or handheld digital device via Bluetooth. It also features a 3.5-millimeter aux-in jack to accommodate a wired setup.