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Meet The WESN Gunpowder Micarta Microblade – Only 300 To Be Made

A limited take on the Microblade wrapped in Gunpowder selvedge denim.

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WESN’s collection of pocket knives, keychains, and pocket-friendly tools is best characterized by their combination of reliability and practicality. Incorporating the best possible materials and designed with an eye toward value for money, they’re painstakingly crafted to deliver exceptional performance for a broad range of user scenarios.

This attention to detail and quality shines through with the WESN Gunpowder Micarta Microblade, a new limited-edition release of just 300 units. WESN partnered with the Swedish heritage clothing brand Indigofera for this small but impressive knife, building on their premium denim fabric and blending it with WESN’s hardwearing blade design for a unique microblade concept.

Featuring a beautifully precise and attractive design, the WESN’s Gunpowder Micarta Microblade utilizes washed brass hardware combined with an Indigofera gunpowder Micarta denim handle. The denim element, which sits flush against the edges of the handle, is offset by vibrant brass screws and a handy hole for adding the micro knife to a keychain.

The flip-out D2 blade steel, which features the WESN logo tastefully embossed along the flat edge, delivers a finishing touch complementing the blade’s ultra-precise engineering. The result is unique to WESN’s growing selection of knives, including the larger Allman, Henry, and Samla, building on their rich heritage of manufacturing high-quality blades.

With a lifetime warranty and one-week shipping, WESN’s Gunpowder Micarta Microblade is a must for anyone looking for a new, reliable, pocket-sized knife for their collection.

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