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Manzeum by Modus Studio

This addition to a workshop & garage in Arkansas focuses on play, art, and good times.

For architects, a truly collaborative creative process can be a godsend, especially when the client knows what they want and can carry out a meaningful dialogue while offering something unique. The folks at Modus Studio had the good fortune of working on a project like this, and the tremendous result is proof that true collaboration can lead to something wonderfully unexpected.

Located in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Manzeum started off as a napkin sketch like many great ideas, for an addition to an existing structure that focused on “play, art, and good times.” The original structure was a workshop and garage where the owner repaired cars and built steel fabrications. The intent was to keep this function in tact while adding a residential element to the building, mostly designed to entertain his guests. The resulting structure is a combination of old and new, continually merged seamlessly through incorporating the owner’s artistic metalwork. The strong and raw palette of concrete, steel, and cedar ties it all together and maintains the industrial nature of the project while infusing a sense of sophistication.