Measure Your Metabolism With This Device

Lumen analyzes your breath to determine your metabolic rate using the same technology harnessed by top-level athletes and training centers.

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$ 299

Want to burn more calories? Boost your metabolism. The higher your metabolism the more calories your body burns throughout the day. There are ways to increase your metabolic rate, ranging from what you eat and what you drink to the kinds of exercises you perform, but how do you know just how well you are doing at reaching that target? With the help of Lumen.

Lumen is the first device designed to monitor your body’s metabolic rate and inform you as to if you’re using fat or carbs for energy. Combined with a simple to use device, the Lumen app measures biofeedback. The handheld tube — which looks like a futuristic kazoo — is blown into to gather this data. It will then analyze your breath and determine your metabolic rate using technology similar to that which is utilized at hospitals and athletic training centers. This is done using a CO2 sensor that is carefully embedded at the core of the device. If you want to take your physical fitness to the next level then Lumen is your answer.