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Lonestar Motorsports Park

Lonestar Motorsports Park 1/4 Mile Dragstrip

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For any car enthusiast, having your very own private 1/4-mile dragstrip is a luxury that we can only dream about. It’s that one place where you can let your Ferrari, Lamborghini, or even Bugatti let lose, testing its acceleration and speed in a safe environment without the fear of losing your license.

After owning the Lonestar Motorsports Park adjacent to their facility 45 minutes away from Houston, TX on Interstate 10, Hennessy Performance is unloading their “fully-loaded” dragstrip for $2.7 million. The sale of the 55-acre property includes enclosed air-conditioned concession stands, grand stands that can seat up to 800, control tower, lights, staging lanes, fuel barn, and much more. If you have a couple of million dollars burning a hole in your pocket and are serious about speed, you can check out the listing on Racing Junk.