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LIO Urban Minimalist Bag

A truly minimal design, the sleek and simplified LIO Urban Minimalist Bag holds everything you need in single compartment.

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Drop the bulky, flashy, complicated looking bags for a truly minimal design. The LIO Urban Minimalist Bag holds everything you need to carry in a sleek and simplified package, and also comes in two sizes so you can pick just the right one for each daily journey without being weighed down when you’re in a hurry. Grab the backpack for when you’ll be out all day, or try the smaller crossbag for when you’re just bringing along the essentials.

The unique Moonlock system relies on magnetism and interlocking flaps rather than zippers or buckles. This means you can rearrange everything you’ve packed in an instant without worrying about your items slipping out or going missing. With one compartment per bag, there’s no need to search for where you stuck that card or phone charger either. Finally, the curving design on the front is matched with a flat back so you can flip the bag over and get a convenient desktop surface for your tablet or laptop while you’re on to go.