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Lily Camera – Your Personal Paparazzi

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If you’re jogging around the neighborhood late at night and sense a drone stalking you with a glowing smile, it’s probably time to turn around and make your best selfie pose for Lily Camera.

With a charming smiley face, IP67 waterproof rating and no controller required, Lily Camera seems to be the most user-friendly drone camera introduced to date. All you have to do is toss it up in the air, and it’ll automatically deploy its quad-propellers then follow you like a loyal Labrador with its lens focused solely on you. It can hover for approximately 20 minutes per single battery charge and shoot HD videos/images all the while traveling up to a maximum speed of 40 km/h, speedy enough to film your skiing and cycling adventures. Since Lily Camera is designed to follow only your wearable tracking device, you obviously won’t be able to send this drone to a remote area where the user can’t physically traverse. But despite this limitation, Lily Camera is a personal cameraman so easy to use that it’s bound to become a big hit once it starts shipping in February 2016.