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LEGO Ford Mustang

LEGO Ford Mustang

The latest LEGO Creator kit could fit right in a classic car lover’s home as much as a toy lover’s.

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$ 150

If you dismissed LEGO for being kitschy (which it is not, for the record) until now, this one might be able to change your mind. The latest LEGO Creator kit could very much fit right in a classic car lover’s home, even if you’ve never bought any LEGO after childhood. After all, who wouldn’t want to build their own 1960s Ford Mustang in 1471 pieces of goodness?

The LEGO Ford Mustang comes with nearly all the trimmings that helped make the actual Mustang such an icon in the 1960s – sporty racing stripes, an air scoop, and deep-treaded tires with 5-spoke rims. And the details are to be expected from a Creator kit: seats, gearshift, working steering, Mustang V8 engine (with battery, hoses, and air filter), and a selection of license plates.

To make things even more interesting, the new LEGO Ford Mustang allows for significant customization. Trick your model out however you like, with an included supercharger, front chin spoiler, rear ducktail spoiler, and beefed-up exhaust pipes. You can even attach a nitrous oxide tank and lift the rear axle for an exciting street-racer look. The LEGO Ford Mustang will be available on March 1st.